Technical information

The quality of our synthetic floors shows best in the best quality ingredients and high density we process them.

The steps we take for Zilly Metalufloor and Oyster:

Day 1; Affixing Primer Z100, 200 a 300gr. P/m2.
Day 2; Place an equalisation and basic-layer Z200, 2 kg. P/m2.
Day 3; Affixing synthetic floor Z300, 3mm, 4 to 5 kg. P/m2.
Day 4; Sealing with Topcoat Z400, 120 gr. P/m2
Major repairs to the underlay are not included and will be discussed with you in long before implementation. After approval we start with creating your floor.

Which preparations must you do yourself?:
With the order confirmation we will present you a number of points that are important to carry out before the work is processed. Think about disabling any floor heating, make sure the premises floor is empty, clean and free from dust, the temperature is at least 15 degrees Celsius, etc.
We will provide you these issues in writing so that you can read them in advance.

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  • N.O.A. Garantie zakelijk
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  • Technical data:

    • Specific Gravity: 1.8 kg / dm
    • Pressure: 35 N / mm depending on the surface
    • Processing at 20 C 30 min Full setting: (without shrinkage) after 7 days
    • Ready for use: after 24 hours.
    • Pressure strength :> 70 N / mm
    • Tensile strength :> 8 N / mm
    • E Modulus: 8,400 N / mm
    • Polymerisation: 7 days, 20 C.
    • Mechanical load: 72 hours.
    • Heat resistance: max 50 C.
    • After complete setting the floor will be resistant to many chemicals
      as diluted alkali, mineral and organic acids, salts and some solvents.